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Based in Australia, I am a freelance SharePoint and Dynamics CRM developer. I love developing innovative solutions that address business and everyday problems. Feel free to contact me if you think I can help you with your SharePoint or CRM implementation.

Impersonating users in PowerPages for troubleshooting

So you have a PowerPages (PowerApps Portal) website. A website user reports a problem with the data they are seeing, but you are unable to reproduce it using your login account. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could login as … Continue reading

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Implementing secured Azure Function HTTP service to support Power Apps Portal

Due to limitations of OOTB Power Apps Portal, a common requirement is to have a custom HTTP service that you can invoke by JavaScript on a Portal page, which performs some complex processing or querying to provide a custom user … Continue reading

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Support for Portal Content Snippets added to CRMQuickDeploy 3.9

CRMQuickDeploy now has the ability to deploy Content Snippets to PowerApps Portal from Visual Studio. Below are information on how to structure content snippets in your Visual Studio project. Folder name Like other supported Portal artefact types, content snippets need … Continue reading

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Adding rich text editor to PowerApps Portal with CKEditor

Currently PowerApps Portal does not support rich text editor out-of-the-box (OOTB). While the backend CRM has an OOTB rich text control that can be used in CRM, this unfortunately currently does not work on Portal. You can add rich text … Continue reading

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Displaying EntityImage field on PowerApps Portal

Currently there are no OOTB ways to render the EntityImage field of an entity on PowerApps Portal as an image. It is however possible using Liquid and JavaScript as described in this post: Essentially the approach here is to … Continue reading

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CRMQuickDeploy 3.8 now supports client ID/secret and MFA

CRMQuickDeploy now supports a wider range of connection options to CRM, including client ID/secret and MFA. Below are examples of connection string to use for each scenario. On-prem with AD Integrated security: url=http://yourserver.domain/yourcrmorg This will connect to CRM using the … Continue reading

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Automatic Portal (xRM CE) cache refresh with CRMQuickDeploy

This feature of CRMQuickDeploy is for xRM Portal CE only and does not work for D365 Portal (on cloud). The context of this post therefore is xRM Portal CE only. When updating portal artefacts (such as web templates, web files, … Continue reading

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Loading solution user options with AsyncPackage (Visual Studio extension)

User-specific options at the solution level are stored in the .suo file. Back when it was the norm to have your extension inherits from the Package class, and therefore loaded synchronously by Visual Studio, you can have these options loaded … Continue reading

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Outputting clean HTML with Liquid in Dynamics 365 Portal

Recently a colleague taught me a trick that I did not know about Liquid in Dynamics 365 Portal: use the {%- -%} syntax (as oppose to {% %}) to keep the HTML output clean. I don’t think this is documented … Continue reading

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View actual XML of FetchXML query in Dynamics 365 Portal

In Dynamics 365 Portal you can write FetchXML query in Liquid using the fetchxml tag. As this query can be dynamically constructed, there may be scenarios where you will need to debug it. There’s an undocumented feature that allows you … Continue reading

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