Outputting clean HTML with Liquid in Dynamics 365 Portal

Recently a colleague taught me a trick that I did not know about Liquid in Dynamics 365 Portal: use the {%- -%} syntax (as oppose to {% %}) to keep the HTML output clean. I don’t think this is documented in Microsoft’s documentation, but it is described here: https://shopify.github.io/liquid/basics/whitespace/. I have tested this an it works on both OnPrem and OnCloud portals.

In most cases I think you’d want to use the {%- -%} syntax to keep your HTML clean and compact. To illustrate the point, let say I have the code below to list all the accounts, with a different CSS class for odd and even items.

Without the {%- -%} syntax, this produces the following HTML:

As you can see, there are multiple blank lines between each item. While this does not impact how the browser renders the page, it does make the page’s source messy and increase the page’s download size.

Here is what the output look like when the {%- -%} is used:

As you can see, this is a lot cleaner.

The Shopify documentation also mentioned the {{- -}} syntax (as oppose to {{ }}). I have not tried this, but if it does work, it probably would be something you’d want to use more often than not too.


About Bernado

Based in Australia, I am a freelance SharePoint and Dynamics CRM developer. I love developing innovative solutions that address business and everyday problems. Feel free to contact me if you think I can help you with your SharePoint or CRM implementation.
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