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How to manually create Contact record for external ID provider in Adxstudio

When configured to use an external ID provider (e.g. ADFS in our case), Adxstudio does not handle identity management functions such as creating user accounts in that external ID provider. When an external ID is authenticated and logged on to … Continue reading

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Does ‘Record status changes’ workflow trigger fire workflow on status change?

A weird post title I know.. One of the most confusing things in CRM is the State and Status (or Status Reason) of a record. These two things are very different in CRM, and it seems that the CRM UI … Continue reading

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How to get sign-in URL in Adxstudio portal web app for external ID provider

Recently I have been looking at customising the Adxstudio portal web app (the MVC app). One of the things I needed to do was to create a link that would take users to the login page for the portal. Our … Continue reading

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