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Colour coding event types on SharePoint calendar

On a SharePoint calendar you might have different event types, e.g. Birthday, Meeting or Holiday. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can display these events on the calendar and colour code them by event type? Well you probably can achieve … Continue reading

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Making WebRequest to SharePoint using Windows Authentication in Mixed Mode Authentication

Mixed mode authentication is when both Form Based Authentication (FBA) and Windows Authentication are enabled on the SharePoint site. I was writing some code to download a file from SharePoint in this scenario. The code needs to authenticate using Windows … Continue reading

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URL for Windows Authentication in SharePoint 2010

When using Claims Authentication in SharePoint 2010 you can configure multiple authentication providers for your site. Specifically, you can use both Windows Authentication and Form Based Authentication – and your site users can choose which method to use to authenticate to … Continue reading

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How to add new SPNavigationNode to Quick Link as type Link and not Heading

In SharePoint 2010, if you add a new SPNavigationNode as a child to a Heading link, then the type of the new link will automatically be Link: If you however add it as a root level node, then the type … Continue reading

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