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Can’t create new Office Web Apps farm: The server must be joined to a domain

I kept on getting the above error message when executing New-OfficeWebAppsFarm even though my Office Web Apps (OWA) server is joined to a domain. My setup is like this: Server A has SP2013 installed on the physical machine, and hosts … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcut for “Focus on Content” button in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 the Focus on Content buttonĀ is found in the upper right corner, just under the help button. This button hides/shows the left navigation, top navigation and title bars – giving you more screen real estate for the main … Continue reading

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How to use SharePoint 2013’s AppFabric caching in your code

By default SharePoint 2013 installs an AppFabric cache host on all servers in the farm. These hosts form a cache cluster for the farm. In SP2010 if you were running a multi-WFEs farm and using in-process caching, your users will … Continue reading

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