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Where is that damn FormServerTemplates web folder?!?!

I am starting out on creating and deploying InfoPath forms to SharePoint 2010. I search around on the web and they all talk about the FormServerTemplates web folder or the Form Templates library, as this is where the form should … Continue reading

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How to “unexpire” an item so that it will be processed again by the Expiration Information Management Policy

In SharePoint, when an Information Management Policy is executed on an item and Expiration is enabled, and that item is deemed to be expired, then the item will not be evaluated for Expiration again at the next evaluation time. When an item … Continue reading

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“Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when calling SPFarm.Local

If you are getting “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” when calling SPFarm.Local in a stand-alone app (e.g. console app), and you are developing against SharePoint 2010, then check that your project is set to target … Continue reading

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Developing SharePoint workflows for MOSS 2007 x64 in Visual Studio 2010

There are a couple of postings about this on the web, but none seem to be complete. These are the steps I took to get this to work: Ensure WSS 3.0 SDK is installed. Remember to restart VS 2010 after … Continue reading

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List attribute of Lookup field schema – Using URL versus GUID

There has been a lot of research about the List attribute of the XML schema of Lookup fields. In this post I will summarise their findings and add my 2cents about the pros and cons of each approach. Some recommended … Continue reading

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How to create cross-web Lookup fields through XML schema

By “cross-web” Lookup fields, I mean a Lookup fields that refers to a source list that is in a different subweb than where it is currently being used. So ListA has a Lookup field that points to ListB. ListB however … Continue reading

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