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SPClientSideDeployment 3.3 adds option to publish on deployment

With SPClientSideDeployment 3.3 you can now have the file(s) published automatically on deployment from Visual Studio. This option is disabled by default as it would require additional calls to SharePoint during deployment. To enable this option, go to Tools \ … Continue reading

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CRMQuickDeploy 2.8 automatically adds web resources to CRM solution and allows right-click deploy from Solution Explorer

Add web resources to CRM solution on deployment CRMQuickDeploy 2.8 now automatically adds web resources to CRM solution on deployment. A new property has been added for project nodes in the Solution Explorer, namely CRM Solution Name: When a web … Continue reading

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Identifying default organisation for user in CRM

This is a rehash of several posts by other people. A user in CRM has a default organisation. This is the first organisation where the user was created. Use the SQL script below to identify the default organisation for a … Continue reading

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