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Handling pre-save action for publishing pages in JavaScript for SharePoint

In SharePoint 2013 it is fairly well known that you can catch and handle the pre-save action in JavaScript for list item forms by implementing the PreSaveAction() method. This however does not work for publishing pages as this method is … Continue reading

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Tip for identifying button/command ID in Ribbon Workbench

Ribbon Workbench is a great tool for customising the ribbon in CRM.¬†When you need to customise an OOTB button/command however, it can be a bit¬†difficult to identify the correct button/command to work with. This is particularly true when some of … Continue reading

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‘An unexpected error occurred’ and using early-binding in CRM plugins

Our plugin was throwing the error below when creating a new task record: ‘An unexpected error occurred.’ at Microsoft.Crm.Extensibility.OrganizationSdkServiceInternal.Create(Entity entity, CorrelationToken correlationToken, CallerOriginToken callerOriginToken, WebServiceType serviceType, Boolean checkAdminMode, Dictionary`2 optionalParameters) at Microsoft.Crm.Extensibility.InprocessServiceProxy.CreateCore(Entity entity) … We were not doing anything fancy … Continue reading

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