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How to debug OOTB minified JavaScript in SharePoint

When time gets desperate you may need to debug into SharePoint’s OOTB JavaScript to work out a particular problem. The challenge here is that the OOTB JavaScript are minified, which makes debugging almost impossible. This post describes three approaches you … Continue reading

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Cannot login with FBA and AD LDS: The security token username and password could not be validated

I configured FBA and AD LDS in SharePoint 2010 and was able to grant permissions to AD LDS users in SharePoint. I however could not login with these users. The ULS shows multiple errors similar to below: An exception occurred … Continue reading

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Choosing between InfoPath Form Library and InfoPath List Form

Recently I had to decide between InfoPath Form Library and InfoPath List Form. We first ventured down the Form Library path, but due to certain issues, we ended up re-doing the solution using List Form. This post summarises the issues … Continue reading

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Strange PowerShell behaviour when getting list content type’s ID

For some reasons when retrieving the ID of a content type at the list level in PowerShell, the ID of the parent content type (i.e. the one at the site level) is always returned. Below is my script: Running the … Continue reading

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Making the Newsfeed web part available outside of My Sites in SharePoint 2013

The Newsfeed is a key piece in SP2013’s approach to social computing. It appears on the landing page of My Site as below: This is actually a web part titled Newsfeed, and can be found under the Social Collaboration category. … Continue reading

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Unknown server tag ‘asp:ListView’ in SharePoint 2010

Trying to use the ListView control in SharePoint 2010 and you’ll probably get the error above. Googling and you’ll find that most people suggest adding the tag below to the web.config: While this indeed fixes the problem, you’ll have to … Continue reading

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Keyboard shortcut for “Focus on Content” button in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 the Focus on Content buttonĀ is found in the upper right corner, just under the help button. This button hides/shows the left navigation, top navigation and title bars – giving you more screen real estate for the main … Continue reading

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How to use SharePoint 2013’s AppFabric caching in your code

By default SharePoint 2013 installs an AppFabric cache host on all servers in the farm. These hosts form a cache cluster for the farm. In SP2010 if you were running a multi-WFEs farm and using in-process caching, your users will … Continue reading

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“Your query is malformed. Please rephrase your query.” when searching using “None of these words” query

You get the error message “Your query is malformed. Please rephrase your query.” when searching in SharePoint using the “None of these words” query. Spent hours trying to figure it out? I know I did.. This is actually an OOTB … Continue reading

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Tips for organising your SharePoint project in Visual Studio

Becky Bertram recently blogged about Visual Studio project organisation for SharePoint. I agree with most of her points, and below are 3 additional conventions I’d suggest to others: 1. Always group SharePoint project items (SPI) into folders by project item … Continue reading

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