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Enabling native TypeScript support in other project types in Visual Studio 2015

Native TypeScript support in Visual Studio 2015 is not available for all project types by default. As far as I’m aware, it is only available for the ASP.NET Web Application project type. Sometime, you may be working with TypeScript but … Continue reading

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New version of SPClientSideDeployment adds support for folder-based file deployment and automatic folder creation

I have just released version 2.0 of SPClientSideDeployment with two major enhancements: Folder-based file deployment – this allows you to define a local folder in the DeploymentSettings.xml file. All files under this folder (and its sub-folders) will be processed by the tool. … Continue reading

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New deployment context menu in SPClientSideDeployment 1.2

I have just released version 1.2 of SPClientSideDeployment. This version adds a “Deploy to SharePoint” context menu to files and folders in the Solution Explorer. With this addition, you can now selectively deploy files that you typically don’t open in … Continue reading

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Search query to find pages in current site and all sub-sites [SharePoint]

I was given a challenge to develop a mechanism to list all pages in the current site and its sub-sites. Why not do it using Content By Search Web Part was my initial thought. In the end I managed to achieve this, … Continue reading

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‘An unexpected error has occurred’ when cancelling from creating a new page [SharePoint]

On SharePoint 2013 we had an issue where the user was getting the error message below when cancelling from creating a new page in the Pages library. Sorry, something went wrong An unexpected error has occurred. The correlation ID for this … Continue reading

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“Input string was not in a correct format” error with People Picker and custom claim provider

In SharePoint 2013 I implemented a custom claim provider with search and resolve functionality and everything appeared to work fine. I was able to search and resolve users, grant them permissions to the site, and they were able to login … Continue reading

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