Making the Newsfeed web part available outside of My Sites in SharePoint 2013

The Newsfeed is a key piece in SP2013’s approach to social computing. It appears on the landing page of My Site as below:


This is actually a web part titled Newsfeed, and can be found under the Social Collaboration category. Now, you may want to have the Newsfeed on the homepage of your main portal rather than My Site. To make this web part available in your site collection, you will need to activate the feature with title “My Site Layouts Feature“. This is a hidden site collection feature so you will need to use SharePoint Manager or PowerShell. The feature ID isΒ 6928B0E5-5707-46a1-AE16-D6E52522D52B. Its physical location under {SharePointRoot} isΒ TEMPLATE\FEATURES\MySiteLayouts.

This feature brings a number of other web parts and also the MySite.master master page. Check its manifest for further details.


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46 Responses to Making the Newsfeed web part available outside of My Sites in SharePoint 2013

  1. Zod says:

    While this does allow you to add the MySite newsfeed to a normal site. It doesn’t function as such. It basically acts just like a normal site feed.

    • Bernado says:

      Zod, it definitely does function like the MySites Newsfeed. We recently demoed this to a client.

      The MySites Newsfeed and the Site’s Feed are two different web parts. The class for the MySites Newsfeed is MicroFeedWebPart and the class for the Site’s Feed is SiteFeedWebPart. Use the Web Part Page Maintenance to ensure that the right web part has been added to the page.

  2. Anatoly Mironov says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    Easy to add a newsfeeed to a web other than My Site.

  3. Liz says:

    I am trying to enable this – it is exactly what I need to do, but try as I may, I keep on seeing the Enable-SPFeature : The feature is not a farm level feature and is not found in a site level defined by the url http://(my main site collection:80). Please help. πŸ™‚

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Liz,

      What is the exact PowerShell command you are using?

      • Liz says:

        Thanks for the reply – I figured it out – my ID was different than the one posted here – figured that out by browsing to the directory and referencing the feature.xml file. Then used quotes around my URL and it worked beautifully!! Thank you for the post!!!

  4. Anders says:

    DO you have a powershell script i can use to add this? I cant seem to get this working.. (My powershell skills are very limited)..

  5. Hi Bernado. Thanks for your post. It’s working great for the newsfeed.
    Under Social Collaboration there is another Web Part: User Tasks. Even though I can see my SP13 Workflow tasks in MySite, the web part doesn’t seem to bubble up the tasks to a publishing site. Have you seen this? Is it working for you?

  6. kourosh says:

    hi, and thanks for your useful post, Is it possible to add a SiteFeedWebPart to a page programmatically by using SPLimitedWebPartManager?

    • Bernado says:

      Yes this is possible and the code should be the same as adding other web parts programmatically. The SiteFeedWebPart is in the Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls namespace.

  7. liz says:

    Question – is there a way for you to default the newsfeed to Everyone as opposed to Following? I have the newfeed on my homepage now but, would think there would be value in defaulting the view to everyone as opposed to the view of Following. Thank you so much for all of your help and articles! What a great resource!

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Liz,

      I haven’t found a setting for this. However, looking at the HTML source, the Everyone link calls a JavaScript function when clicked, namely SP.UI.MicroFeed.SPMicroFeed.microfeed.changeView(1). Perhaps you could add a custom JavaScript to your page and call that function on PageLoad?

  8. Hi all, What Zod said that it Displays only the Site Feed is right, but also what Bernardo sais is right. Why this? As soon as you only place the Newsfeed Webpart on the Site, it Displays the My Site Newsfeed. But as soon as you also place the Site Feed Webpart on the site, it Displays only the Site Feed and the second Webpart stops to work. So you can only Show either the Newsfeed OR the Sitefeed. Kind Regards Samuel [SharePoint MVP]

  9. dariopalazzo says:

    Hi all, & thanks Bernardo for your Post!

    But, once I entered the WebPart in the page, if I try to login to my site, sharepoint first asks for the credentials to access the portal and second, the credentials to access vmsharepointcli.

    Is there a solution?

    • Bernado says:

      Are you using Windows authentication for the main site and MySite? And if so is the browser’s integrated authentication enabled for both the main site and MySite?

      • dariopalazzo says:

        solved;) mysites was set to another WEB APPLICATION. I changed my site url setting in Central Administration with the correct url and everything works

  10. Brandon says:

    2 questions:

    I only see the newsfeed webpart but not the site feed webpart. How do I enable the site feed webpart.

    Once enabled, how do I disable these features? I ran Disable-SPFeature -Identity 6928B0E5-5707-46a1-AE16-D6E52522D52B -Url but it didn’t take away the ability to add the social collaboration webparts.

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Brandon,

      To get the site feed web part, activate the Site Feed feature at the web. You can do this using the SharePoint UI (i.e. the Manage site features page). Deactivating the feature may not remove the web parts (it depends on how the feature was coded). This is true for the OOTB Site Feed web part, and as you have found, is true for the feature that provisions the Newsfeed web part.

      To remove the web part, delete the DWP file in the Web Part Gallery.

      Hope this helps.

  11. Nobuhiko Inohara says:

    Hi all

    I entered Microfeed web part in team site’s page. I got internal error: 14, when I posted to newsfeed.
    Is there a solution ?

  12. Stuart Maher says:

    Is there any way to do this on SharePoint online?

  13. Tolga says:

    Is it possible to use only message sending and image upload part of this webpart?
    What I mean is can be seen in the following image;

    • schnappi12 says:

      Great Post!

      I would also be interested in an answer to the question raised by Tolga. Is there a possibility to only allow for message sending and Image upload? Or would this need to be implemented client side?

      • Bernado says:

        I don’t think there is a way to achieve this with this web part OOTB. I’d suggest looking into using JavaScript to achieve this on the client side.

  14. Brendan says:

    Hi – another option is to go to the newsfeed portal and save the web part to your machine. You can then import the webpart into another site, it appears under Miscellaneous in the web part gallery. Cheers.

  15. Steven says:

    Hi, it is working great for me. πŸ™‚ Thanks

    However, when a user tries to input a hashtag it gives an error:
    “You don’t have access to the newsfeed on the site. Request access to participate in the conversation.”
    However if you direct the post to a site like > Home the hashtag works…

    Also the same issue but a different error message when posting images to the newsfeed:
    Access Required: Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.

    Any help would be great.

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Steven,

      I just tested this and it is working OK for me. Perhaps check that the user has a MySite provisioned as this is required for them to be able to post to Newsfeed.

      • Steven says:

        No the users have a MySite it is even happening to all administrators. I am thinking it is because the MySite is in another web app. Could this cause the issue due to cross domain access to tags and pictures? Not sure.

  16. Khushi says:

    Hi there, I was able to add Site Feed web part on the web part page. Does anyone knows where does Site Feed web part store feeds? It’s not appearing on NewsFeed Site on my site.


  17. Chinna says:

    After months some thing i got. But Sitefeeds is still not working. I will continue resarch.But this worked for me.

  18. bakerb says:

    Hi Bernado, great post. Have you found a way for the ‘I’m following’ and ‘Trending tags’ parts to also be used outside of MySites? When I use those, going to the links for each fail.

    • Bernado says:

      I have not looked at the “I’m following” web part, but I have previously written about the “Trending tags” one here:

      What is the error message you are getting with the “Trending tags”? And does it work when you use the default “Trending tags” from within MySites?

      • bakerb says:

        Just saw your post on the trending and it fixed the issue. I had tried exporting and importing the web part onto a publishing site and the main part showed up just fine. But when you click through to the details of the tag (_layouts/15/HashTagProfile.aspx) it errored out. Feature activation fixed that.

        I get a similar error on the following, web part works fine but it can’t show _layouts/15/followedtags.aspx. I’m wondering if its just another hidden feature that needs to be activated. This is a SharePoint online install as well. Thanks for the help.

  19. bakerb says:

    Also just realized that each link in the following web part goes to a different place. In particular the followed docs takes you back to your individual MySite site collection so probably not an easy way to do this without hacking the links.

  20. Bernado,

    Nice post πŸ™‚

    I have one doubt, Lets say I have added Newsfeed web part on my Intranet Home page (not my site host) and a new user logs in to that page, a new My Site won’t be created as it won’t be My Site host and no feeds will work for new user.

    Is there any way I can get My Site created for new user on accessing the intranet page?

    One way could be embed CSOM code to check if user has My Site and if not, create it through CSOM code.

    Any suggestions?


    • Bernado says:

      Hi Sahil,

      I have not look into the available JSOM API for interrogating/creating user MySites, but I suspect that this would be possible – in which case I think the approach you outlined sounds like a good approach.

      A more light weight option could also be just rendering a “As this is your first visit, click here to setup your MySites” link rather than creating it automatically by code.

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  22. Hi
    I have investigated this for an intranet (multi server farm / best practice install). There is a permission error (access denied) if you try an upload a picture to the newsfeed. Have you seen similar?


    • Bernado says:

      Hi Adrian,

      I have to admit it has been quite some time since I last looked into this. I wonder though if you have MySites on a different web app or domain? And if this could be a cross-domain scripting issue?

  23. Panurut says:

    I have a question. when i add Newsfeed web part to all pages in site. and write the comment on it. i found this comment show all page in site. i want to use newsfeed web part to comment something on each page not show on all page.

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Panurut,

      The Newsfeed web part is not meant to work that way. You may want to look at the Site Feed web part instead. This might be closer to what you need, as it allows you to post comments to individual webs (not individual pages though).

      Hope that helps.

      • Panurut says:

        Hi, Bernado

        Thank for answer. but i want to know. how to develop same site feed for each page. you can answer for me. Please.

  24. Danny says:


    When I enable the feature and add the webpart I don’t get the links for switching to following, everyone, etc and I don’t see the selection above the message field where you can select where you post something.

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