Using Trending #Tags web part outside of MySites

By default the Trending #tags web part is added to your Newsfeed in MySites.

1 Web part

To use this web part outside of MySites you will first have to export it from the MySites’s landing page (e.g. http://server/my/default.aspx) as a DWP, then upload it to the page where you want to use it using the “Upload a Web Part” feature as shown below:

2 Upload

(I could not find the feature that would provision this web part – hence this export/upload workaround.)

The next thing you have to do is activate a feature to provision a required Display Template. The feature to activate is “My Site Host“. This is a hidden feature scoped at the Site Collection level. The feature ID is 49571CD1-B6A1-43a3-BF75-955ACC79C8D8. The feature folder under SharePointRoot is MySiteHost.

Failing to activate the feature above will cause the web part to error with the message below:

Display Error: The display template had an error. You can correct it by fixing the template or by changing the display template used in either the Web Part properties or Result Types.

Template ‘~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/System/Control_TagFeed.js’ not found or has syntax errors. (LoadTemplate: )




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19 Responses to Using Trending #Tags web part outside of MySites

  1. GD says:

    I’ve the exact same error “Templates/System/Control_TagFeed.js’ not found or has syntax errors. ” But the feature ID 49571CD1-B6A1-43a3-BF75-955ACC79C8D8 is already provisioned on http://mysites. Should I be provisioning this feature else where? I just don’t see Control_TagFeed.js anywhere in “/Display Templates/System/.” I only see Control_TagFeed.html in there, could this be an issue?

    • Bernado says:

      Hi GD, are you trying to use the Trending #Tags web part outside of your MySites site collection? If so, you need to activate the mentioned feature on the site collection where you are trying to use this web part. This feature provisions the missing display template.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Simon says:

    Hi Bernado,
    I have the same problem like GD. We try to access this trending Tags webpart directly within the MySite (not outside) but we get the error you posted above.
    If we check the folder _catalogs/Display Templates/System/… then we can see that the Control_TagFeed.html is there but the Control_TagFeed.js not.
    We already tried to un-publish and re-publish the html file but nothing happens. In the properties of that file the checkbox for “associated” is ticked… Any ideas?

  3. Richard says:

    How do I activate “My Site Host” at the Site Collection Level? Enable SP-Feature gives me error “This is not a farm level feature”

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Richard, using Enable-SPFeature should work (it did for me). Ensure that you have specified the site collection using the -Url parameter when running Enable-SPFeature. Also, ensure that you ran the script as a user with admin access to the site collection, and that you launched PowerShell as the Administrator.

  4. Nick Hurst says:

    We have the same issue as Simon, we upgraded our 2010 farm to 2013 and are now getting the “/_catalogs/masterpage/Display Templates/System/Control_TagFeed.js’ not found or has syntax errors” when trying to access the tag page on MySites. Looking at the MySite host, the Control_TagFeed.js is missing.

  5. Nick Hurst says:

    We figured out the issue, it turns out that the Control_Tagfeed.js file is in the masterpage library, but it has no checked in version. If you take ownership of the file, you can then check-out and back in the associated Control_Tagfeed.html file which will publish the .js file and fix the error. I documented the steps here:

  6. KR says:

    Is there an inherent risk to activating the My Site Host in another Site Collection if you already have My Sites deployed and configured?

  7. KR says:

    I am also using SharePoint Online, so it doesn’t look like I can activate the feature. Any ideas?

  8. AskSP2013 says:

    Hi Bernardo,

    How do you mean the following instruction:
    “To use this web part outside of MySites you will first have to export it from the MySites’s landing page (e.g. http://server/my/default.aspx) as a DWP” – we can’t find the web part itself via the SharePoint designer, how do you mean exactly “export the web part”?

    • Bernado says:

      Go to the MySites’ landing page and put this page into edit mode. Then select the Trending #Tags web part and choose Export… This will allow you to download the web part as a DWP file.

      Hope this helps.

      • AskSP2013 says:

        Thanks this helps us.
        We switched the user to the “DB access account” and then the option “edit page” was visible. – Thanks!

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