Making My Tasks web part available outside of MySites

The My Tasks web part exists in MySites by default, and can be found under the Content Rollup category. To make this web part available outside of MySites, activate the “My Tasks Dashboard” feature.

This is a hidden Web-scoped feature. The feature ID is 89D1184C-8191-4303-A430-7A24291531C9, and the feature folder under SharePointRoot is MyTasksDashboard.


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9 Responses to Making My Tasks web part available outside of MySites

  1. Are you able to actually use the webpart outside the Mysites site collection? By activating the feature it comes available, but when you place the webpart on the page it doesn’t seem to work. Script errors are being thrown. Does it need other features to be activated or a specific list to be available too?

    • Bernado says:

      The web part does work, and you don’t need to activate anything else.

      However, I think I might know what you are talking about. When you added the web part, does some of the buttons disappear from the ribbon and you cannot save the page? I had this problem and it seems to occurred on a random basis.

      I fixed it by refreshing the page after adding the web part, then edit the web part and tick the option to show the last updated time message (on the web part’s editor pane). On other occasions it just worked and I didn’t need to do anything.

      One thing you could try is add the web part to the page then wait a little while to see if the page would correct itself. This is because upon being added to the page, the web part tries to call the back-end services to retrieve its data, and will update itself (e.g. the last updated time) when done.

      It definitely works though as I recently demoed this to a client.

      Let me know how you go.

  2. Hey Bernando,

    How much time should be needed to wait? I gave this a shot but can’t seem to overcome script errors on the page. The error i’m getting is about a missing semi-colon right before the _spBodyOnLoadFunctions below:

    Timestamp: 7/9/2013 10:49:11 AM
    Error: SyntaxError: missing ; before statement
    Source File: https://spfdev/clientmanager/Dashboards/keith-testdashboard.aspx
    Line: 1455, Column: 17
    Source Code:
    }_spBodyOnLoadFunctions.push(function() { EnsureScriptParams(

    • Bernado says:

      When it works, the call doesn’t take more than 1 minute.

      I’d suggest refreshing the page after adding the web part and tick the option to show the last updated time message. This fixed it for me.

      If that still doesn’t fix it then I’m sorry as I didn’t have time to look into it.

      (Also ensure that the OOTB My Tasks on your MySite works to ensure that all of your services are in order.)

      Good luck.

      • Thanks – it didn’t seem to work over any time period, and the Web Part properties remained inaccessible due to the script error. I do have a healthy Work Management setup.

        What worked for me was:
        1. Going to a “Tasks” page on a My Site, and exporting the Tasks Web Part
        2. Using SharePoint Designer to copy the related sub-pages that are linked from the top menu (AllTasks.aspx, Highlights.aspx, Settings.aspx, RecentlyAssigned.aspx, EditTask.aspx, & CompletedTasks.aspx) from the root of the My Site into the destination team site – this allows you to still access those views from the destination site
        3. Edit those sub-pages to remove the Personal redirect control reference:

        That will prevent visitors to the view pages from being redirected to a non-existent My Site.
        4. Import the Tasks Web Part into the destination Team Site.

        All seems well! Only task remaining is to figure out how to modify the “views” inside the My Tasks Web Part properties – for example, it’d be desirable to filter out Completed tasks from the “ProjectSites” view. No idea where that view lives though. 😉

      • Bernado says:

        Thanks for posting back! I will have to look into this issue further at some point.

  3. Swanny says:

    I had same script error that pretty well hangs the page. Can’t vouch that this 2013 is fully patched which could explain the different results. My approach is to use one of the sub pages as a template for each view I need. Also I will probably do away with the ViewSelector and just manually emulate the “tab control” with links so we can better control it’s appearance.

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