Search query to find pages in current site and all sub-sites [SharePoint]

I was given a challenge to develop a mechanism to list all pages in the current site and its sub-sites. Why not do it using Content By Search Web Part was my initial thought. In the end I managed to achieve this, and the prototype looks like below.

1 Prototype


One of the most satisfying things in this exercise was coming up with the query to return the right search results, which is:

SPSiteUrl:{SiteCollection} Path:{Site} (IsDocument:”True” OR contentclass:STS_Site OR contentclass:STS_Web) FileExtension:aspx

SPSiteUrl:{SiteCollection} is used to restrict items to the current site collection. Without this clause, other site collections that are under managed paths (e.g. http://server/sites/mySC) may be included in the result when searching from the root site collection (e.g. http://server).

Path:{Site} is used to restrict items to those under the current site’s URL.

The rest should be self-explanatory.

The grouping/indenting by sites is performed in my custom display templates. To achieve this I had to ensure that the items are returned in the correct order, i.e. ordered by site and by URL depth.

I configured my search result to be sorted by SPWebUrl, then UrlDepth, and finally Path.

Note that the managed property SPWebUrl does not exist OOTB (at the time of writing). I had to create this in Central Admin and map it to the ows_taxId_SPLocationSite crawled property. I had to enable Query, Retrieve and Sort on this managed property.

The other thing is Sort is also not enabled by default for the Path managed property. I also had to change this in Central Admin.

If you are interested in the display templates then let me know and I’ll update the post.





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One Response to Search query to find pages in current site and all sub-sites [SharePoint]

  1. Ramanjjilu Naidu says:

    would you please elaborate as i want to restrict the search results in one site collection.

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