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Custom workflow activity to process multiple related records [CRM]

We often need to process multiple records in a workflow, particular those related to the current target record. Think notifying all bookings when an event is rescheduled, or cancelling all orders when a product is cancelled. Unfortunately the OOTB CRM workflow designer … Continue reading

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SPListItem.Workflows also returns completed workflows

I needed to retrieve all the running workflows for a list item. I tried SPListItem.Workflows and according to MSDN this should give me what I need. It however doesn’t – I found that it also includes completed workflow instances. I … Continue reading

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Weird error deploying SharePoint workflow using Visual Studio

It was working all fine, until one day I started getting the error below when deploying the workflow using Visual Studio: Error occurred in deployment step ‘Activate Features’: Unable to locate the workflow’s association data. To restore the association data to … Continue reading

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Tip for deploying workflow template with InfoPath task form

Maybe because I’m a newbie, but I ran into a lot of problem trying to deploy a workflow template with an InfoPath task form. The trick is in your feature receiver and your feature properties (in the XML definition). The best … Continue reading

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Developing SharePoint workflows for MOSS 2007 x64 in Visual Studio 2010

There are a couple of postings about this on the web, but none seem to be complete. These are the steps I took to get this to work: Ensure WSS 3.0 SDK is installed. Remember to restart VS 2010 after … Continue reading

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