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Differences between Enterprise Wiki and Wiki Page Library in SharePoint 2013

In SP2013 you can create a Wiki site/sub-site (using the Enterprise Wiki site template) or create a Wiki Page Library in an existing site. What are the functionality differences between these two options? Below is what I have found so … Continue reading

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MS bug: Error when creating new Search Navigation links in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 you can create new Search Navigation links. This controls the options you get in the search dropdown box. OOTB, the options are Everything, People, Conversations and Video. Let say you have a Portal site collection (http://portal), and … Continue reading

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Newsfeed in SharePoint 2013 – What can you expect?

While there are lots of high level information out there about what you can expect with the Newsfeed in SP2013, I have not been able to find a list of the types of updates you can expect to see on … Continue reading

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Custom PortalSiteMapDataSource to display full site structure in left navigation in SharePoint

I had a requirement to ensure that all sites within the site collection would display the full site structure (up to the 1st level sub-site) on the left navigation. Given the site structure below for example: For any site underneath … Continue reading

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List attribute of Lookup field schema – Using URL versus GUID

There has been a lot of research about the List attribute of the XML schema of Lookup fields. In this post I will summarise their findings and add my 2cents about the pros and cons of each approach. Some recommended … Continue reading

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Blog Goes Live!!

OK – so after 2-3 years of procrastinating I actually went ahead and created a blog!! Funnily enough I was inspired to do this after having being told by the boss to update our profile info in the corporate SharePoint … Continue reading

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