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Class needs to be public for WSPBuilder to add as SafeControl

When WSPBuilder builds the WSP package, it looks through all the classes in the assembly. If it sees any class that inherits from WebControl (and perhaps also Control/UserControl?), it will automatically instruct the manifest to add the assembly to the … Continue reading

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WSPBuilder config settings

There are many settings you can tweak with WSPBuilder. Type wspbuilder -help at the command prompt to get a complete list of them. You can set these settings via the command line args, or a config file. To use a … Continue reading

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How did Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.ExceptionHandling.dll ended up being in the SafeControl list??

In SharePoint, The SafeControl list is defined in the web.config and is a white list of controls that can be placed onto a SharePoint page. The other day I was packaging my solution using WSPBuilder, deploying the WSP, and found … Continue reading

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