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No log entries in ULS Viewer for real-time monitoring mode [SharePoint]

Recently we found that if you are using the updated ULS Viewer (16.0.3129.1000) from Microsoft (, and you have changed the default logging path in Central Admin, then you may find that the real-time monitoring in ULS Viewer does not show … Continue reading

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Access Request inconvenience: approval form does not list SharePoint groups

When granting permissions to a user in SharePoint, it is almost always best to add them to a group rather than granting them permissions directly. The Access Request feature in SharePoint 2013 does a good job of promoting this for … Continue reading

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“The exclusive inplace upgrader timer job failed” when running the Products Configuration Wizard in SharePoint 2013

I was running the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard to finalise the March 2013 PU and it failed at 10% of the last stage. I checked the error log and found that the error was: “The exclusive inplace upgrader timer job … Continue reading

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The Moderation tab is missing from the Ribbon for Discussion boards in SharePoint 2013

For Discussion boards in SharePoint 2013, the Moderation tab on the Ribbon allows administrators to mark/unmark threads as featured. This tab appears when you switch to the Management view of the discussion board. For a particular site I was working … Continue reading

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Getting URL to list item in list view’s JSLink

If you have specified a JSLink for your list view, how do you get the URL to the list item from within your rendering function? By URL, I mean a URL that can be used to view/display the list item. If … Continue reading

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Hiding New discussion link on SharePoint 2013 discussion board for read-only users

The OOTB discussion board in SharePoint 2013 has a ‘+ new discussion’ link at the top of the list as shown below. This link however is shown even for read-only users. When a read-only user clicks this link, they get the … Continue reading

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Cancel button of ButtonSection does not return to previous page (SharePoint)

In SharePoint you can leverage OOTB controls to create professional and OOTB-looking pages. For example, below is a custom setting page that I have deployed to Central Admin. This page uses the OOTB InputFormSection and ButtonSection controls, as well as a few … Continue reading

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