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The Moderation tab is missing from the Ribbon for Discussion boards in SharePoint 2013

For Discussion boards in SharePoint 2013, the Moderation tab on the Ribbon allows administrators to mark/unmark threads as featured. This tab appears when you switch to the Management view of the discussion board. For a particular site I was working … Continue reading

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Getting URL to list item in list view’s JSLink

If you have specified a JSLink for your list view, how do you get the URL to the list item from within your rendering function? By URL, I mean a URL that can be used to view/display the list item. If … Continue reading

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Hiding New discussion link on SharePoint 2013 discussion board for read-only users

The OOTB discussion board in SharePoint 2013 has a ‘+ new discussion’ link at the top of the list as shown below. This link however is shown even for read-only users. When a read-only user clicks this link, they get the … Continue reading

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Cancel button of ButtonSection does not return to previous page (SharePoint)

In SharePoint you can leverage OOTB controls to create professional and OOTB-looking pages. For example, below is a custom setting page that I have deployed to Central Admin. This page uses the OOTB InputFormSection and ButtonSection controls, as well as a few … Continue reading

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Solving SharePoint 2013 incoming mails stuck in Drop folder

I was setting up Incoming Mails for SharePoint 2013 and like many people on Google, my mails were delivered to the Drop folder and were stuck there. I have solved this and have gained some insights into how Incoming Mails … Continue reading

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Making sub-sites inherit managed navigation settings of root site in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 when creating sub-sites (at least through the UI), and you set the new sub-site to inherit the global nav from the parent site, and the parent site uses managed navigation, you will find that the global nav … Continue reading

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Strange PowerShell behaviour when getting list content type’s ID

For some reasons when retrieving the ID of a content type at the list level in PowerShell, the ID of the parent content type (i.e. the one at the site level) is always returned. Below is my script: Running the … Continue reading

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Differences between Enterprise Wiki and Wiki Page Library in SharePoint 2013

In SP2013 you can create a Wiki site/sub-site (using the Enterprise Wiki site template) or create a Wiki Page Library in an existing site. What are the functionality differences between these two options? Below is what I have found so … Continue reading

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Visitors can’t access ribbon on publishing pages in SharePoint 2013

OOTB Visitors with Read permission can’t access the ribbon on publishing pages in SP2013. This is true for March 2013 Public Update. This is bad because some of the functionality that are useful for Visitors can only be accessed from … Continue reading

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MS bug: Error when creating new Search Navigation links in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013 you can create new Search Navigation links. This controls the options you get in the search dropdown box. OOTB, the options are Everything, People, Conversations and Video. Let say you have a Portal site collection (http://portal), and … Continue reading

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