Get current entity logical name and record ID in CRM Portal forms using JavaScript

Use the following JavaScript to retrieve the current entity logical name and record ID in CRM Portal forms:

For Entity Form:

Entity logical name: $(“#EntityFormControl_EntityFormView_EntityName”).val()

Record ID: $(“#EntityFormControl_EntityFormView_EntityID”).val()

For Web Form Step:

Entity logical name: $(“#EntityFormView_EntityName”).val()

Record ID: $(“#EntityFormView_EntityID”).val()

Tested on xRM Portal CE.


UPDATE 10/01/2019:

The HTML structure is now different for Portal version (cloud). There is now a GUID in the HTML field ID, e.g. EntityFormControl_978076ec8cf7e811a965000d3ae13a46_EntityFormView_EntityID.

For Entity Form, use the following:

  • Entity logical name: $(“input[id^=’EntityFormControl_’][id$=’_EntityFormView_EntityName’]”).val()
  • Record ID: $(“input[id^=’EntityFormControl_’][id$=’_EntityFormView_EntityID’]”).val()
  • Record state: $(“input[id^=’EntityFormControl_’][id$=’_EntityFormView_EntityState’]”).val()
  • Record status: $(“input[id^=’EntityFormControl_’][id$=’_EntityFormView_EntityStatus’]”).val()

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