Deploy current project’s assembly to CRM with new shortcut keys in CRMQuickDeploy 2.7

A developer’s time should be spent on the logic/design of the application rather than on the repetitive motion of deploying code to the server during the dev-test-debug cycles. This is why CRMQuickDeploy includes shortcut keys that enable you to quickly deploy assemblies to CRM from Visual Studio.

Prior to this latest release however, these shortcut keys only worked on the solution’s start-up project. If there are multiple projects in your solution (e.g. Plugins, WebServices, MigrationApp, etc.), then you would need to set the start-up project to the one whose assemblies should be deployed to CRM.

Deploy current project’s assembly with new shortcut keys in CRMQuickDeploy 2.7

CRMQuickDeploy 2.7 now has shortcut keys that enable you to deploy the “current” project’s assembly to CRM. “Current project” here means the project of the code file that is currently active in Visual Studio’s code editor.

Right-clicking on the code editor of a CS or VB code file now gives you three options to compile the current project and deploy to CRM.

1 Context Menu

These actions also have associated keyboard shortcut keys as can be seen above:

  • Alt + Q, J: Deploy the current assembly to the CRM database
  • Alt + Q, K: Deploy the current assembly and their dependencies to the Bin folder
  • Alt + Q, L: Deploy the current assembly and their dependencies to the GAC

You can assign different keyboard shortcut keys to these actions via the normal mean in Visual Studio if preferred.

These actions automatically save the current file and build the project prior to deploying the assembly. See this post for more details on the steps that are performed by each action.

Download it now!

You can download the latest version of CRMQuickDeploy from the Visual Studio Gallery.

As always…

I hope you find this improvement useful, and I would love to hear from you with feedback and suggestion.


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