Showing the ‘records associated with this view’ button for sub-grids in CRM

Sub-grids on CRM forms typically have a button that takes you to a view showing all records associated with the main record, as shown below.

1 Associated View

Have you ever wondered how to remove this button or add it back?

The visibility of this button is actually controlled by the navigation links on the main record’s form. For example, you added a sub-grid of Connections to the form for Account. If you then edit the form for Account, and remove the Connections relationship from the navigation links, then the ‘view records associated’ button for the Connections sub-grid would also be removed. Adding the relationship back to the navigation links would bring the button back.


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4 Responses to Showing the ‘records associated with this view’ button for sub-grids in CRM

  1. Natalie says:

    Does it work the same for N:N relationships? I removed the relationship from the navigation link so it would be searchable in Advance Find (saw that on another forum). So if I add it back it might not be searchable. Any advice?

    • Bernado says:

      Hi Natalie,

      I have not tested it but I’d be surprised if it does not work the same way for N:N.

      Regarding removing the relationship from the navigation to enable searching in Advanced Find – I have to admit I have not faced this issue before, but the solution sounds a bit strange.. and not very logical..

  2. Ricco DeCicco says:

    Thanks Bernado – this helped me heaps!

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