Upload Multiple Documents in SharePoint stops working with Office 2010 clients

Problem: Uploading Multiple Documents into a Document Library in SharePoint doesn’t work on client machines with Office 2010 installed. You are able to drag & drop or browse for files, but when you click OK, the spinning icon just spins forever and the OK button remains greyed out. When uploading to the same Document Library but from a client machine with Office 2003, it works fine.

Obsereved with: Office 2010 on the client, SP 2007.

Cause/Solution: The multiple upload feature uses an ActiveX Control on the client machine (which seems to come with Office). There are changes with this control from Office 2003 to 2010, and 1 of these changes caused our customisation to break and hence led to the problem.

Due to a particular need, we were customising the tool bar of the Document Library and were rewiring the URL of the Upload Multiple Documents button. We changed the URL of this button to:

http://server/sites/11/01/9996661/_layouts/Upload.aspx?List={c102d3e7-bb6e-4b8a-9fc1-d525726fc101}&RootFolder=http%3a%2f%2fserver%2fsites%2f11%2f01%2f9996661%2fDocuments&[some other stuff]

The default OOTB URL is:

http://server/sites/11/01/9996661/_layouts/Upload.aspx?List=%7BC102D3E7%2DBB6E%2D4B8A%2D9FC1%2DD525726FC101%7D&RootFolder=%2Fsites%2F11%2F01%2F9996661%2FDocuments&[some other stuff]

There are 2 noticable differences above, 1st is the encoded list GUID and 2nd is the relative RootFolder. The latter is what caused the problem.

The 2003 ActiveX Control works with both absoluate or relative URLs (for RootFolder). The 2010 control however requires a relative URL.


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1 Response to Upload Multiple Documents in SharePoint stops working with Office 2010 clients

  1. Jon says:

    Good call. This was our problem and you have the fix. Thank you.

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