Problem with Document Information Panel and SharePoint Lookup Columns

I have been troubleshooting an issue where Word 2007 could not open/load the Document Information Panel when a new document is created from SharePoint (MOSS 2007).

The error message you’d get from Word is

Document Information Panel cannot create a new, blank form.

Document Information Panel cannot open the form. To fix this problem, contact your system administrator.

Form template: http://corp/sites/03/01/6900029913/proppanel.xsn

The following DataObject either cannot be created or cannot be initialized: list_1A6E8C1A-DB5C-428E-9DE1-941E6A836C05

Document Information Panel cannot add the following object to the DataObjects collection: list_1A6E8C1A-DB5C-428E-9DE1-941E6A836C05
list_1A6E8C1A-DB5C-428E-9DE1-941E6A836C05 could not be added to the DataObjects collection.

The following item already exists in the collection: list_1A6E8C1A-DB5C-428E-9DE1-941E6A836C05


The query cannot be run for the following DataObject: list_1A6E8C1A-DB5C-428E-9DE1-941E6A836C05

Document Information Panel cannot run the specified query.

The SOAP response indicates that an error occurred on the server:

Exception of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.SoapServer.SoapServerException’ was thrown.


List does not exist.

The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.
It turns out that this was caused by “bad” lookup fields attached to the content type (as you know – the Document Information Panel lets you specify value for these fields straight in Word when editing the document).
When there are more than 1 “bad” field, you get the first message. When there is just 1 “bad” field you get the second one. Don’t ask me why.
In this instance, these lookup fields were “bad” because in their XML schema, the GUID of the source lists they are pointing to is “invalid”. These GUID needs to be enclosed in {} in the XML schema of the field. You cannot tell whether these lookup fields are “bad” by looking through the SharePoint UI.
OK let me clarify.
Use SharePoint Manager 2007 (SPM) to browse to the SharePoint list and examine the SchemaXml property of that lookup field. Notice the List=”f7d54276-e103-4b84-8a1e-fe31515325b4″ attribute in this xml.
Change it to List=”{f7d54276-e103-4b84-8a1e-fe31515325b4}” and try creating the document from SharePoint again (remember to check this for all lookup fields of the content type). Also, remember to do this at the SharePoint document list level (rather than the site level for example) – as this is where it counts. This immediately solved the problem for me.
So how come these {} went missing?? In this instance it was because we did not have them in the feature manifest that created these fields.


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