Visual Studio 2010 freezes periodically for a few seconds

Lately I started experiencing the above problem. Visual Studio 2010 would frequently freeze up for a few seconds and then unfreeze itself. When it does this, I cannot type or do anything in Visual Studio.

This was driving me mad and I came close to doing the same thing to the computer as the guy in this video:

Luckily I found a solution that works for me. Launch Internet Explorer. Go to Internet Options, then Advanced tab. Under the Security group, untick “Check for server certificate revocation“. You may need to restart Visual Studio.

About Bernado

Based in Australia, I am a SharePoint and Dynamics CRM developer. I have been working with .NET for 13 years or so and SharePoint for 5 years. I am an MCSD (SharePoint 2013 Applications), MCPD (SharePoint 2010 Developer) and MCPD (Enterprise Application). I am aspiring to get my certifications in CRM someday.. somewhere.. somehow :D.
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